Friday, May 18, 2007

Top 10 Completely Insane TV Shows

Here's another opportunity for nostalgia

I have to say, I sorely miss ALL of these shows--especially Alf (shouldn't it be ALF?), Dinosaurs, and Herman's Head. Sitcoms have fallen SO far in the past 15 years that I am positive I would watch all three of those shows if they started running new episodes. What will kids today look back on fondly when it comes time for their list in 15 years? Two and a Half Men? At least Will Ferrell is working on a Land of the Lost movie.

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Akshay said...

American Dad is actually a combination of several of these terrible ideas, while somehow still managing to be totally unfunny. There is both a wisecracking alien and (this has no direct analogy) a talking goldfish that is sexually attracted to the main character's wife for no reason that I have been able to determine. Then again, I only watched one episode a couple of years ago.