Friday, May 18, 2007

Top 10 Summer Movie Disappointments

Here's a good list to expand on

This got me thinking about the absolute stink bombs I've seen in the past. Having seen all the movies on the list (as I'm sure many have), it was interesting to look back an contemplate just how BAD most of these films were, and how many could also be included. I'm just not sure I can get on the bandwagon hating on Buffy and Alien 3 though. I really do enjoy those films now with years between me and the initial let down.

The main problem with this list is that I can't remember which bombs came out in the summer and which were release during the rest of the year. Surely masterpieces of shit like Batman & Robin, Johnny Mnemonic, Windtalkers, Pearl Harbor, and Rent (yes…I said Rent) should be considered. Please comment with some clunkers of your own. And if you haven't heard Kevin Smith's story about the origin of Wild Wild West you must rent An Evening With Kevin Smith.

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