Friday, April 6, 2007

10 Rolling Stones songs with disgusting or offensive lyrics, when you listen to them

1. "Stray Cat Blues" (Beggars Banquet)
2. "Brown Sugar" (Sticky Fingers)
3. "Start Me Up" (Tattoo You)
4. "Let It Bleed" (Let It Bleed)
5. "Under My Thumb" (Aftermath)
6. "Yesterday's Papers" (Between the Buttons)
7. "Some Girls" (Some Girls)
8. "Star Star" (Goat's Head Soup)
9. "Backstreet Girl" (Between the Buttons)
10. "Stupid Girl" (Aftermath)


Zach said...

What about "Dead Flowers"? The singer says to his ex-girlfriend: "And you can send me dead flowers every morning / Send me dead flowers by the US mail / Say it with dead flowers at my wedding / And I won't forget to put roses on your grave."

John said...

I was trying to avoid songs that were simply mean, which was how I would interpret "Dead Flowers" (or "19th Nervous Breakdown), but I can see as those might be taken as offensive.

But by contrast, "Stray Cat Blues" is about sleeping with a 15 year old, and "Brown Sugar" is about raping slaves, while in "Let It Bleed" Mick Jagger tells the listener to come all over him. That was more what I was going for.

Michael said...

So "Cocksucker Blues" is out also? I've had vaguely menacing feelings about many songs on "Exile on Main Street."

John said...

I'd forgotten about the existence of "Cocksucker Blues," since I don't have it. It probably should be on the list. There's lots of vague menacing on "Exile" but I couldn't remember anything all that flamboyantly offensive.

Akshay said...

Sweet Black Angel comes to mind.

John said...

Yes, "Sweet Black Angel" should probably have been on the list. I didn't realize how offensive the lyrics were until I just looked them up. It's really a broad tapestry with the Stones.