Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Top Ten Things in Belarus

Belarus is a former Soviet Republic in Eastern Europe, North of Ukraine, and East of Poland. Dictator-ish "President" Aleksandr Lukashenko, who "got elected" with 83% of the vote and declared himself "master of the house," has turned the country into one of the most oppressed in the world. Not an easy place to visit, not a country that crosses one's radar on a regular basis, I got curious about it. So, the top 10 things in Belarus (with links):

10. The Museum of Ancient Belarusian Culture (Attached to the K. Krapiva Institue of Study of Arts, Ethnography, and Folklore, of course)
9. Braslav Lakes
8. The Mir castle complex
7. Marc Chagall Museum in Vitebsk
6. Struve Geodetic Arc
5. The Minsk National Library (great picture)
4. Navinki International Festival of Performance Art
3. Khatyn WWII Memorial (“Graveyard of Villages”)
2. Bialowieza Primeval Forest
1. The Radziwill Dynasty Residence in Nesvizh

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