Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Best Post-Montaigne Essay Collections

1. George Orwell, Essays
2. Jorge Luis Borges, Selected Non-fictions
3. Virginia Woolf, The Common Reader
4. William Hazlitt, Selected Essays
5. Czeslaw Milosz, To Begin Where I Am: Selected Essays
6. Robert Louis Stevenson, Selected Essays
7. William James, Talks to Teachers on Psychology and Students on Some of Life's Ideals
8. Edmund Wilson, The Shores of Light: A Literary Chronicle of the 20s and 30s
9. Randall Jarrell, No Other Book: Selected Essays
10. V.S. Pritchett, Complete Collected Essays
11. Albert Camus, Resistance, Rebellion, and Death
12. John Berger, Selected Essays
13. Dwight Macdonald, Against the American Grain

(And probably Emerson, but I haven't read him.)

Honorable Mentions:

To some recent writers holding down the fort on a declining art form:

- Joan Acocella, Twenty-Eight Artists and Two Saints
- Tim Parks, Adultery and Other Diversions
- John d'Agata, Halls of Fame

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John said...

You've not read Emerson? You should read Self-Reliance, at least. It's full of quotes you already know, but didn't know where you knew them from.